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Paper: Lobster-Eye: Novel X-ray Telescopes and Blazar Monitoring
Volume: 299, High Energy Blazar Astronomy
Page: 189
Authors: Hudec, R.; Inneman, A.; Pina, L.
Abstract: The lobster-eye (LE) geometry X-ray optics offers an excellent opportunity to achieve very wide fields of view (1000 square degrees and more) while the widely used classical Wolter grazing incidence mirrors are limited to roughly 1 deg FOV. Wide field X-ray telescopes with imaging optics are expected to represent an important tool in future space astronomy projects, especially those for deep monitoring and surveys in X-rays over a wide energy range. The investigations of long-term behavior of blazars and monitoring their flaring activity represent a significant part of this. We report on the efforts to develop a Lobster Eye X-ray telescope with focus on the optics, for possible future use in a space mission.
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