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Paper: Data reduction facilities for the William Herschel Telescope
Volume: 25, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems I
Page: 469
Authors: Unger, S. W.
Abstract: A wide range of instruments are either available now or are planned for the William Herschel Telescope; CCD imaging, slit spectroscopy, echelle spectroscopy, Fabry-Perot spectroscopy, multi-object spectroscopy using aperture masks and fibres, spectropolarimetry. The provision of adequate data reduction facilities is essential (but often forgotten) if these instruments are to realise their potential. In order to provide adequate facilities for on-line data reduction, RGO plan to interface a Sparcstation 2 to the existing VME based data acquisition system. The data analysis software which might be used on this workstation includes a commercial image analysis package (SunVision), as well as IRAF and FIGARO.
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