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Paper: COBE Differential Microwave Radiometer L (DMR) Data Processing Techniques
Volume: 25, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems I
Page: 382
Authors: Jackson, P. D.; Smoot, G. F.; Bennett, C. L.; Aymon, J.; Backus, C.; de Amici, G.; Hinshaw, G.; Keegstra, P. B.; Kogut, A.; Lineweaver, C.; Rokke, L. A.; Tenorio, L.
Abstract: The Differential Microwave Radiometers (DMR) experiment measures temperature differences in the microwave sky at frequencies of 31.5, 53, and 90 GHz. We discuss the software system used to calibrate and invert these difference measurements to produce full-sky maps of the large-scale distribution of the cosmic microwave background. Tests indicate that any spurious features introduced by the data processing are negligible compared to the instrument noise.
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