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Paper: Pitfalls in Image Reconstruction
Volume: 25, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems I
Page: 191
Authors: Bontekoe, Tj. Romke; Koper, Enrico
Abstract: We report on advanced use of MemSys5, including multi-channel reconstruction, random samples from the maximum entropy probability distribution, and their use in constructing high-resolution maps, error maps, and signal-to-noise maps. We also report on problems we encountered in this process, specifically, the treatment of background subtraction or flat fielding. Since similar problems have been encountered in other disciplines, they seem to be of a general nature. Careful data massaging and parameter control nevertheless yield an astronomically credible image of the galaxy M101, showing spiral structure at 60 mu m, and its corresponding error and signal-to-noise maps which quantify this spiral structure as at least a 2--3 sigma detection.
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