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Paper: Distributed X-Ray Data and Distributed Analysis Tools
Volume: 25, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems I
Page: 62
Authors: Plummer, D.; Schachter, J.; Elvis, M.; Garcia, M.; Conroy, M.
Abstract: X-ray data and analysis packages can now be distributed directly to the desks of the user community using CDROMs and portable, familiar analysis packages (like IRAF/PROS). The Einstein IPC Slew Survey is an example of a complete X-ray data set distributed via CDROMs and is the first to use the new FITS standard for photon event lists (BINTABLE). Users can analyze the Slew data directly off the CDROM using PROS. As an example, we present a recipe for producing a radial profile of the Cygnus Loop using PROS and the Slew Survey CDROM data. CDROMs of the complete Einstein IPC and HRI archive data sets will soon be distributed in BINTABLE format allowing similar analysis with those data.
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