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Paper: Cold Dust in Nearby Interacting Galaxies
Volume: 320, The Neutral ISM in Starburst Galaxies
Page: 134
Authors: Dumke, M.; Krause, M.; Wielebinski, R.
Abstract: We have observed the interacting edge-on galaxies NGC 3628 and NGC 4631 in the radio continuum at wavelengths of λλ 0.87mm and 1.23 mm. Our results show that both galaxies contain a significant amount of cold dust, which is mainly distributed along the major axis, following the optical emission. By combining our results with FIR and other sub-mm data, we calculated dust temperatures of ∼ 50K and ∼ 18K for a warm and a cold dust component, respectively. But in contrast to other galaxies, the spectrum around λ ∼ 1mm is too flat to be explained by these two components alone. In addition, the dust absorption cross sections in NGC 4631 are significantly enhanced. We discuss alternative dust models, like very cold dust, an overabundance of very small grains, and unusual optical dust properties which could explain the data.
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