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Paper: Star Formation in Bars: A Two Phase Molecular Medium?
Volume: 320, The Neutral ISM in Starburst Galaxies
Page: 129
Authors: Sheth, K.
Abstract: We present recent OVRO & BIMA results from a study of molecular gas and star formation activity along bars and at bar ends in nearby spirals. The masses, sizes and velocity widths of molecular complexes at the bar end are similar to those in the Milky Way. A relatively constant efficiency (SFR/M(H2)) at all three bar ends suggests that the differences in star formation depend on the ability to form complexes. Along bars, there is a CO−Hα; offset that may be explained by a two-phase (dense, bound and diffuse, unbound) molecular medium. We present preliminary data in support of this hypothesis from a high-resolution, multi-line (12CO/13CO) OVRO campaign. Research at the OVRO is supported by NSF grant AST–9981546 and at BIMA by NSF grant AST–9981289.
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