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Paper: A search for quasar protoclusters at Z greater than 4
Volume: 21, The Space Distribution of Quasars
Page: 325
Authors: Djorgovski, S.; Smith, J. D.; Thompson, D. J.
Abstract: A generic prediction for practically all scenarios of large-scale structure and galaxy formation is that the first collapsed objects (which may be identified with the highest known redshift quasars) should be very strongly clustered. We started a search for quasar-marked protoclusters at z greater than 4, using a multicolor imaging technique, in the fields of known z greater than 4 quasars. Our goal is to find less luminous AGNs in these fields, which have escaped detection so far. Discovery of clustered AGNs at such redshifts would be a crucial experiment for our understanding of the formation of galaxies, large-scale structure, and the origin of the first quasars themselves. To date, we have obtained data on four quasar fields, and more are planned. Several color-selected candidate AGN have already been identified, but no follow-up spectroscopy has been done yet.
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