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Paper: Quasar superclustering
Volume: 21, The Space Distribution of Quasars
Page: 281
Authors: Bahcall, Neta A.; Chokshi, Arati
Abstract: The origin of the observed quasar superclustering is suggested to be the preferential location of quasars in small groups of galaxies. The quasars then trace the same large-scale structure as traced by the parent galaxy groups. Optically selected quasars are found to be located in small groups of typically approximately 10 L* galaxies and have the same correlation function as expected for the small groups. Radio selected quasars are located in richer groups of approximately 30 L galaxies, having the stronger correlations expected for these richer groups. These results are consistent with observations of quasar environment and with the universal richness-dependent cluster correlation function. The results suggest a consistent picture of superclustering of galaxies, clusters and quasars.
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