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Paper: The influence of quasars on the Lyman-alpha forest
Volume: 21, The Space Distribution of Quasars
Page: 272
Authors: Dobrzycki, Adam; Bechtold, Jill
Abstract: We present a large (roughly 10 Mpc) void in the Ly-alpha forest in the spectrum of a zem = 3.285 quasar, Q0302-003. We discuss the possibility that it results from ionization of the clouds by the UV radiation of a bright foreground quasar, Q0301-005 (zem = 3.223). We present a model of the influence of quasars on the Ly-alpha forest and show that in order to produce a megaparsec-sized region with no detectable Ly-alpha absorption the intervening quasar has to be much brighter than Q0301-005.
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