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Paper: Large groups of quasars
Volume: 21, The Space Distribution of Quasars
Page: 248
Authors: Clowes, Roger G.; Campusano, Luis E.
Abstract: In a recent paper (Clowes and Campusano, 1991) we presented evidence for a large group of quasars, possibly the largest structure so far observed in the universe. This was actually the third large group of quasars to be discovered. These large groups suggest the following hypothesis. Most quasars are distributed uniformly and randomly. Occasionally large groups of quasars are embedded in this otherwise uniform distribution, and they account for all clustering, even that on small scales less than 10/h Mpc. We have used published work (Shanks, Boyle and Peterson, 1988) on small-scale clustering, less than 10/h Mpc, to suggest the existence of a fourth large group of quasars.
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