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Paper: High Resolution Observations of Neutral Gas in the Starburst Merger NGC 520
Volume: 320, The Neutral ISM in Starburst Galaxies
Page: 73
Authors: Beswick, R.; Pedlar, A.; Clemens, M.; Alexander, P.
Abstract: Sub-arcsecond angular resolution MERLIN observations of the neutral gas in the nearby starburst galaxy NGC 520 are presented. Against the radio continuum emission of the primary nucleus of this merger induced starburst both neutral hydrogen (HI) and hydroxyl (OH) absorption lines are observed, along with a weak OH maser feature probably related to the star formation activity in this galaxy. The strong HI absorption (NH ∼ (Tspin/100K) × 1022 atoms cm−2) traces a velocity gradient of 0.5kms−1 pc−1 across the central kiloparsec of NGC520 which is consistent with recent CO observations and is attributed to a kiloparsecscale ring or disk.
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