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Paper: QSO evolution and clustering at Z less than 2.9
Volume: 21, The Space Distribution of Quasars
Page: 191
Authors: Boyle, B. J.; Jones, L. R.; Shanks, T.; Marano, B.; Zitelli, V.; Zamorani, G.
Abstract: New results on the clustering and evolution of QSOs at z less than 2.9 were derived using two recently completed surveys for faint QSOs. Strong luminosity evolution was observed at low redshifts but 'switched off' at z = 2 with the comoving space density of QSOs remaining constant in the redshift range 2 to 2.9. Extrapolation of this evolution to higher redshifts implies little decrease in the comoving space density of bright QSOs at z less than 4.5. Strong QSO clustering was observed at small separations but no significant evidence was found for evolution in the strength of QSO clustering with cosmic epoch.
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