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Paper: Radio loud quasars with high redshift
Volume: 21, The Space Distribution of Quasars
Page: 129
Authors: McMahon, Richard
Abstract: The results of two complementary radio studies of quasars at very high redshift are described. VLA radio observations of 29 optically selected quasars with redshifts in the 3.5 to 4.7 range were made. Four radio loud quasars were detected. Comparisons with similar studies indicate that the radio properties were similar at z = 2 but at z less than one more quasars were radio loud. Preliminary results of an investigation into the evolution of space density of flat spectrum core dominated radio loud quasars are presented. A color based approach was used to preselect a subset enriched with quasars likely to have the highest redshifts. Four new radio selected quasars with z greater than 3.5 were found. The two studies resulted in a sample of eight new radio loud quasars. The problems associated with finding radio loud quasars with z greater than five are discussed.
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