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Paper: Emission-line properties of faint quasars and compact galaxies
Volume: 21, The Space Distribution of Quasars
Page: 100
Authors: Smetanka, John J.; Bershady, Matthew A.; Kron, Richard G.; Munn, Jeffrey A.; Koo, David C.; Majewski, Steven R.
Abstract: Preliminary results of an analysis of the spectroscopic properties of an unbiased sample of emission-line objects to B not greater than 22.5 are presented. The distribution of equivalent widths of the strong emission lines found in this survey (Kron et al. 1991) are consistent with the distribution found by Zitelli et al. (1990), showing a larger mean equivalent width of MgII relative to CIV. We find that the equivalent widths of the CIV and MgII lines are anti-correlated with continuum luminosity (i.e., the 'Baldwin Effect'). The narrow-emission-line objects in the survey are shown to have line ratios typical of H II regions and consistent with the line ratios observed in the resolved, narrow emission-line galaxies with extended image structure in the same fields.
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