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Paper: The efficiency of CCD multicolor surveys for high redshift quasars
Volume: 21, The Space Distribution of Quasars
Page: 88
Authors: Porter, Alain; Campin, Michael; Ogle, Patrick; Maraziti, Deborah; Green, Richard; Osmer, Patrick
Abstract: We have observed a large (n approximately 70) sample of high redshift z greater than 3 quasars with UBVRI CCD imaging. This is a preliminary report on our efforts to distinguish an initial sample of 16 quasars from 509 stars in the same fields by multicolor photometry. Using nth nearest neighbor tests, we can select about 4 quasars in candidate lists of about 50 objects. This is broadly consistent with the efficiencies of much larger plate surveys. Restricting the search to objects of specified colors greatly improves its efficiency: 13 of the 16 quasars (81 percent) can be isolated this way.
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