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Paper: Outline of a liquid mirror telescope QSO survey
Volume: 21, The Space Distribution of Quasars
Page: 80
Authors: Gibson, Brad K.; Hickson, Paul
Abstract: Potential contributions of a QSO survey to be carried out in 1992/93 by the UBC/Laval 2.7 m Liquid Mirror Telescope (LMT) are estimated. The survey area is a strip of sky approximately 21 min wide, centered at delta approximately 49 deg 0.4 min encompassing an area of roughly 20 sq deg. Observations will be made through a set of 40 intermediate-band filters (one per photometric night until the QSO SED is constructed), chosen to ensure uniform logarithmic sampling over the 4000-10,000 A spectral range. The expected limiting magnitude of B approximately 21.5 (at S/N approximately 10) gives access to roughly 1000 QSOs in the survey strip. Clustering, large-scale homogeneity of the QSO distribution, and QSO/galaxy correlations will be studied.
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