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Paper: SA 94 - A test lab for QSO counts, clustering and variability
Volume: 21, The Space Distribution of Quasars
Page: 22
Authors: Cristiani, S.; La Franca, F.; Andreani, P.; Vio, R.; Barbieri, C.; Lazzarin, M.
Abstract: Multicolor, slitless, and variability techniques were used to carry out a search for quasars in the field of the SA 94. Slit spectroscopy confirmed 178 quasars. Two complete samples were created, 99 QSOs with z less than 2.2 and B greater than 19.9 over an area of 10.5 sq deg, and 34 slitless selected QSOs with B less than 19.4 over an area of 21 sq deg. QSO surface densities at z less than 2.2 and z less than 3.2 were derived and variability properties studied.
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