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Paper: The Submillimeter Spectrum of NGC 253 and Henize 2-10
Volume: 320, The Neutral ISM in Starburst Galaxies
Page: 39
Authors: Bayet, E.; Gerin, M.; Phillips, T.; Contursi, A.
Abstract: We observed two starburst galaxies with the CSO (Hawaï) in the fine structure transitions of atomic carbon [CI] and in rotational lines of carbon monoxide 13CO(J=2-1), 12CO(J=2-1), 12CO(J=3-2), (J=6-5) and (J=7- 6). From these observations, we have derived the properties of the warm and dense molecular gas and predicted line intensities of all CO transitions until CO(15-14) in the galaxy nuclei using LVG radiative transfer models. We found observations in good agreement with a medium defined by Tk ≈ 50 − 100K, (12CO/13CO) ≈ 30, n(H2) = 104cm−3 and N(12CO) = 3 × 1018cm−3 for Henize 2-10 and defined by Tk ≈ 150K, (12CO/13CO) ≈ 40, n(H2) = 104cm−3 and N(12CO) = 1.5 × 1019cm−3 for NGC 253. We also derived for both galaxies, optical depth of CO lines: 1 ≤ τ ≤ 10, depending on the CO transition and galaxy chosen.
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