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Paper: Chemistry of Molecular Gas in Starbursts and AGN
Volume: 320, The Neutral ISM in Starburst Galaxies
Page: 15
Authors: Garcia-Burillo, S.; Fuente, A.; Usero, A.; Martin-Pintado, J.
Abstract: We present the main results of an extragalactic survey aiming to study the chemistry of molecular gas in a limited sample of starburst galaxies (SB) and AGN hosts. Observations have been carried out with the IRAM 30m telescope and the Plateau de Bure Interferometer (PdBI). The high resolution/ sensitivity of the PdBI has made possible to obtain high quality images of the galaxies using specific molecular gas tracers of Shock Chemistry, Photon Dominated Regions (PDR) and X-ray Dominated Regions (XDR). The occurrence of large-scale shocks and the propagation of PDR in starbursts can be studied. We also discuss the onset of XDR chemistry in AGN.
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