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Paper: VSOP Polarisation Images of Three BL Lac Objects
Volume: 299, High Energy Blazar Astronomy
Page: 99
Authors: Gabuzda, D.C.
Abstract: The paper presents new 6 cm VSOP space-VLBI polarisation results for the BL Lac objects 0954+658, 1418+546, and 1749+096. The added resolution provided by the orbiting antenna makes it possible to distinguish polarisation originating in the 6 cm VLBI core and the inner VLBI jet, which are both ascribed to the compact “core” in ground-based images. The images of the first two sources show the presence of longitudinal B fields in the inner jets, with rapid reversals in the dominant field direction on scales of less than a milliarcsecond. In the case of 1418+546, the VSOP observations confirm the existence of a “spine” of transverse B field surrounded by a “sheath” of longitudinal field. The VSOP image of 1749+096 shows the emergence of strongly polarized new jet components in position angle ∼ -15°, with the B field in the innermost knot transverse to the jet.
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