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Paper: Optical and Near Infrared Simultaneous Observations of Rapid Light Variations in PKS 2155-304 and PKS 2005-489
Volume: 299, High Energy Blazar Astronomy
Page: 273
Authors: Dominici, T.P.; Abraham, Z.; Galo, A.
Abstract: The existence of rapid light variations in some blazars is a well confirmed phenomena, but until now is not clear what are the physical mechanisms involved, mainly due the absence of simultaneous multiwavelength observations, which could constrain the models. To shed light in this discussion, we carried out simultaneous optical and near infrared observations of the BL Lacs PKS 2005-489 and PKS 2155-304, searching for microvariability in three campaigns of three days each (July, August and November, 2001), with time resolution of about 10 minutes at optical wavelengths and better than 5 minutes at the infrared. In the case of PKS 2005-489, microvariability in V and R bands was observed in two nights, without counterparts in the B, I, J and H bands. For PKS 2155-304, microvariability was detected in three nights with distinct spectral behavior and, additionally, variations in time scales of months were observed in all bands.
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