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Paper: Evolutionary model uncertainties in the K-band Hubble diagram
Volume: 10, Evolution of the Universe of Galaxies: Edwin Hubble Centennial Symposium
Page: 356
Authors: Weir, W. N.; Djorgovski, S.; Bruzual, Gustavo A.
Abstract: The effects of variations in evolutionary model parameters on the K-band Hubble diagram are explored and the predictions of the older and the newer population synthesis models are compared. The predictions of the old and the new Bruzual models differ significantly; this is traceable to a problem in combining the input stellar libraries. The new models are sensitive to a number of evolutionary parameters, and there is some coupling with the cosmological parameters. Therefore, the K-band Hubble diagram still cannot be used as a reliable cosmological tool with the state-of-the-art evolutionary population synthesis models.
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