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Paper: CCD photometry of the ring galaxy ARP 146
Volume: 10, Evolution of the Universe of Galaxies: Edwin Hubble Centennial Symposium
Page: 179
Authors: Spight, L. D.; Schultz, A. B.; Colegrove, P. T.; Disanti, M. A.; Fink, U.
Abstract: New broad band B, V, R, and I CCD observations of Arp 146 are reported. The images were obtained with 61-in Mt. Bigelow telescope. The B-V color indices for the intruder and ring galaxy are respectively 0.80 and 0.52. Knots in the ring galaxy are evidence of new star generation resulting from the encounter. The integrated BVRI and color indices indicate that the encounter has well mixed the dust between the two galaxies.
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