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Paper: Models of Wolf-Rayet stars
Volume: 7, Properties of Hot Luminous Stars: Boulder-Munich Workshop
Page: 328
Authors: Langer, Norbert
Abstract: The current status of knowledge about formation, structure and evolution of Wolf-Rayet stars is reviewed, with emphasis on a discussion of corresponding stellar models. The relevance of the LBV-scenario for WR star formation is outlined. Hydrogenless WR stars are shown to closely follow simple relations for the dependence of luminosity, radius, and surface temperature as a function of their mass. The use of these relations for simplified WR evolution calculations is demonstrated. Surface abundance predictions for the different WR types are discussed, with special emphasis to the WN + WC spectral type. Details are presented concerning the WR phase of a recent 60 solar mass evolutionary calculation, which was computed with the same input physics which reproduced the progenitor evolution of SN 1987 A in a 20 solar mass case, and which may be a representative case concerning WR stars in many respects.
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