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Paper: HD 37479 - The example of a hot magnetized star
Volume: 7, Properties of Hot Luminous Stars: Boulder-Munich Workshop
Page: 307
Authors: Hunger, Kurt; Heber, Ulrich; Groote, Detlef
Abstract: An improved model for the magnetic helium-rich B-type star HD 37479 (Sigma Ori E) is presented, based on high resolution visual and UV spectra. An oblique rotator with inclination angles i = 46 deg and beta = 73 deg can explain the observed variations of the He line profiles and of the magnetic field strength. The stellar wind is probably driven by radiation pressure. Due to the magnetic field the circumstellar clouds are fed by the stellar wind from He-rich caps at the stellar surface. A possible relation of HD 37479 to the premain-sequence star S1 is proposed, suggesting that the class of magnetic He-rich stars might be premain-sequence objects.
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