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Paper: The steady-state solutions of radiatively driven stellar winds for a nonSobolev, pure-absorption model
Volume: 7, Properties of Hot Luminous Stars: Boulder-Munich Workshop
Page: 278
Authors: Poe, Clint H.; Owocki, Stanley P.; Castor, John I.
Abstract: The reasons for the principle conclusion of a paper by Poe et al. (1989) are summarized. To the extent that a pure-absorption model is applicable, radiatively driven stellar winds have no well defined steady state. The non-Sobolev pure-absorption radiation force from Owocki et al., leads to the conclusion that the solution topology at the sonic point is a node, not a saddle or x as in the solar case. The number of transonic solutions increases from one unique solution for the x type to a range of solutions for the node-type topology. Thus, in the pure-absorption approximation, line driven winds can have a range of possible mass-loss rates and terminal velocities.
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