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Paper: H-alpha observation of O and B type stars
Volume: 7, Properties of Hot Luminous Stars: Boulder-Munich Workshop
Page: 253
Authors: Scuderi, Salvatore; Bonanno, Giovanni; Spadaro, Daniele; Panagia, Nino
Abstract: An observational program to monitor the H-alpha emission of early-type stars and to study the mass loss properties of early-type stars is discussed. Preliminary H-alpha observations of nine O stars, one B star, and one A star are presented from June, 1988. Plans to continue long-term observations of these stars are discussed. The model used to interpret the data is outlined, including the assumptions on which the model is based. In the model, H-alpha emission from the stellar wind is a monotonically increasing function of its optical depth. The preliminary observations are analyzed in terms of the proposed model.
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