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Paper: Wolf-Rayet nebulae - Chemical enrichment and effective temperatures of the exciting stars
Volume: 7, Properties of Hot Luminous Stars: Boulder-Munich Workshop
Page: 135
Authors: Rosa, Michael R.; Mathis, John S.
Abstract: Extensive new spectrophotometric observations of five Wolf-Rayet nebulas are analyzed by means of models photoionized by plane-parallel and also WR atmosphere models. Abundance ratios O/H and Ne, S, Cl, and Ar relative to O are close to solar. N/H is enriched relative to solar and variable over the faces of the nebulas. He/H varies from one to three times solar. The O(+)/O - S(+)/S(2+) diagram is used in estimating T(eff) for the exciting stars. It indicates that S 308, NGC 3199, NGC 6888, and NGC 2359 are ionized by hot stars. RCW 58, RCW 104, MR 26, and MR 100 have such low-excitation spectra that their stellar T(eff) and nebular He/H cannot be reliably determined.
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