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Paper: Bolometric corrections for Wolf-Rayet stars - The influence of wind-line-blanketing
Volume: 7, Properties of Hot Luminous Stars: Boulder-Munich Workshop
Page: 117
Authors: Schmutz, Werner
Abstract: Bolometric corrections are given resulting from pure helium model atmospheres for Wolf-Rayet stars. The accuracy of these values is discussed from the point of view of the major deficiencies of the models: the neglect of metal bound-free continua and line-blanketing. If metals are included the model has to have a larger effective temperature than its pure helium counterpart in order to match the observations. A new approach to solve the wind-line-blanketing problem is presented. The first results from this method indicate that line-blanketing makes the star appear hotter with respect to a given value of effective temperature. Thus the predicted systematic errors of the bolometric corrections from the influence of metal bound-free continua and from line-blanketing are of opposite sense. Since a model that includes both effects has yet to be made the net systematic errors of pure helium models are not yet known. Estimates of the maximum effects indicate that the current values of the bolometric corrections are unlikely to be in error by more than 1 mag.
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