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Paper: Fiber-linked spectroscopy at David Dunlap Observatory
Volume: 3, Fiber Optics in Astronomy
Page: 277
Authors: Kamper, Karl W.
Abstract: This paper describes the arrangement used for the recently installed fiber-fed pseudo-coude room in the dome of the 1.88 David Dunlap Telescope. The special features of the arrangement include two Richardson-type image slicers used as aspect changers for the 100-micron fiber outputs, a novel reflective focal ratio adapter at the input used to provide a beam identical with a conventional tilted slit for guiding, and specially designed speedometer that can accommodate large-diameter fibers. A ground-based heat pump is used to provide temperature control for both the new instrument room and the orbital telescope control room. The performance of the system was tested showing satisfactory focus stability and photometric repeatability. However, the throughput of the system was found to be only 10 percent of that attained at the Cassegrain focus, instead of the expected 25 percent.
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