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Paper: A fiber feed for precise radial velocity work with the CfA echelle spectrographs
Volume: 3, Fiber Optics in Astronomy
Page: 269
Authors: Latham, David W.; Andersen, Johannes; Geary, John C.; Rodrigues, Orlando; Stefanik, Robert P.
Abstract: This paper describes a prototype fiber feed system built using an existing echelle spectrograph, detector, and software. The fiber is a 13-m-long 100-micron Polymicro fiber. The fiber feed system was evaluated in the laboratory and tested on the 1.5-m Wyeth Reflector at the Oak Ridge Observatory. Results on radial velocity observations of HD 114762 dwarf star observed with the fiber feed were found to agree well with results of several years of monitoring the same star with the spectrograph mounted directly on the telescope.
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