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Paper: A long-baseline interferometer employing single-mode fiber optics
Volume: 3, Fiber Optics in Astronomy
Page: 262
Authors: Shaklan, Stuart
Abstract: The idea of the Fiber-Linked Optical Array Telescope proposed by Connes (1987) is to mount several small optical telescopes around the perimeter of a radio dish or other large steerable structure, couple the light into single-mode (SM) fibers, and use the fibers to coherently combine the beams at the output. This paper examines the important properties of SM fibers and then discusses the whole system in general terms, starting with the telescopes and following the light through to the detectors, along with the results of laboratory experiments evaluating the performance of SM fibers. The imaging capabilities of the array were simulated, and it was found that, using 10 telescopes on a 440-m dish, the array obtains images with resolution of the order of 2 milliarc seconds in the visible range.
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