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Paper: The Norris spectrograph and its fiber optic feed
Volume: 3, Fiber Optics in Astronomy
Page: 190
Authors: Cohen, Judith G.; Oke, J. Beverly; Carr, Michael; Harris, Frederick H.; Hamilton, Donald
Abstract: The salient features of the Norris spectrograph which is currently being built for the Cassegrain focus of the 200-in Hale Telescope are described together with its 200 optical fiber feed system. To achieve an angular field in the spectrograph large enough to accept 200 fibers, a spherical mirror is used as a collimator. The ends of the fibers fan out from a point and form a circular arc which defines the slit of the spectrograph; a lens camera is being used to avoid the light loss due to the lack of a central obscuration in the output beam from the fibers. The instrument control system is based on a single-board CPU performing the real time control of the x-y-z stage.
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