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Paper: Multi-object spectroscopy with optical fibres
Volume: 3, Fiber Optics in Astronomy
Page: 174
Authors: Felenbok, Paul; Guerin, Jean; Fernandez, Andree; Tournassoud, Pierre; Vaillant, Regis
Abstract: This paper describes the design of an optical fiber actuator of the arm type for multiple-object spectroscopy, based on the arm systems described by Hill (1986) and Ingerson (1987). The equipment (called Medisis) has three arms activated by step motors under computer control. Each arm-tip is carrying two single-core fibers for spectrographic use, one for the object, one for the sky recording. On the same tip, there is a coherent image-conducting fiber bundle for locating objects with poorly known coordinates. An anticollision software is controlling the instrument and deciding the arm object fit.
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