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Paper: Optical fibres for astronomical applications
Volume: 3, Fiber Optics in Astronomy
Page: 52
Authors: Guerin, Jean; Felenbok, Paul
Abstract: Data are presented on the spectral transmission and focal ratio degradation (FRD) characteristics of a number of optical fibers designed for astronomical applications (including HCR114T, HCN612T, 100/140 AS, QSF 133-200 ASW, FHP 100/120/140, FHP 100/110/125, SG820, and SG840), together with spectral transmission data on 'dry' and 'wet' fibers in the 350-850 nm range. The results can be used for the purpose of selecting fibers for a given application. It is shown that the overall performances of these fibers in fiber-fed spectroscopy meet the challenge of mirror capabilities.
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