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Paper: Searching for the Most Distant Massive Galaxies
Volume: 380, At the Edge of the Universe: Latest Results from the Deepest Astronomical Surveys
Page: 351
Authors: Mancini, C.; Cimatti, A.; Daddi, E.; Rodighiero, G.; Pozzetti, L.; Matute, I.
Abstract: The existence of massive galaxies (e.g. M > 1011M) at high redshift (z > 3 − 4) is strongly debated. We present the first results of a study aimed at searching for massive, red, non-dusty galaxies at high-redshift (i.e. z > 3) in the GOODS-N field (Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey North) by means of deep optical, near-infrared and mid-infrared imaging, with a sample selected at 4.5 μm IRAC band (m4.5 < 23, AB system). For each galaxy we performed SED fitting analysis to estimate the photometric redshifts and the main physical and evolutionary properties. We found some promising candidates at redshift z > 3, and we present here a few examples of their best-fit SEDs.
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