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Paper: The Clausius Virial and the Energy Conservation Paradigm
Volume: 374, From Stars to Galaxies: Building the Pieces to Build Up the Universe
Page: 505
Authors: Valentinuzzi, T.
Abstract: The presence of a dark halo around elliptical galaxies may induce a scale length on the luminous component trough the appearance of a maximum in the Clausius Virial (CV) potential energy (Secco 2000, 2001). The problem of how the CV maximum can be relevant to determine the observed elliptical galaxies properties is still open. Here we present a preliminary discussion of a new approach to this problem that we call the “energy conservation paradigm”. We consider the collapse of dark and visible matter with initial energy Eo into a final state of the same energy with different combinations of mass density profiles. We show that the initial total energy works as a re-scaling parameter and its conservation is not important for the evolution of the CV. This means that the presence of the maximum depends only on the two final mass density distributions in virial equilibrium, no matter the relaxation process and star formation history involved; this is the key that permits to test the theory with observations and numerical simulations.
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