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Paper: The Ages of Early–Type Galaxies at z ∼ 1
Volume: 374, From Stars to Galaxies: Building the Pieces to Build Up the Universe
Page: 449
Authors: di Serego Alighieri, S.; Bressan, A.; Pozzetti L.
Abstract: The study of the ages of early–type galaxies and their dependence on galaxy mass and environment is crucial for understanding the formation and early evolution of galaxies. We review recent works on the M/L ratio evolution, as derived from an analysis of the Fundamental Plane of early–type galaxies at z ~ 1 both in the field and in the clusters environment. We use the M/L ratio to derive an estimate of the galaxy age. We also use a set of high–S/N intermediate–resolution VLT spectra of a sample of early–type galaxies with 0.88 < z < 1.3 from the K20 survey to derive an independent estimate of their age by fitting SSP model spectra. Taking advantage of the good leverage provided by the high sample redshift, we analyse the results in comparison with the ages obtained for the same sample from the analysis of the M/L ratio, and with the predictions of the current hierarchical models of galaxy formation.
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