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Paper: Early Type Galaxies in the Mid Infrared
Volume: 374, From Stars to Galaxies: Building the Pieces to Build Up the Universe
Page: 333
Authors: Bressan, A.; Panuzzo, P.; Silva, L.; Buson, L.; Clemens, M.; Granato, G.L.; Rampazzo, R.; Valdes, J.R.; Vega, O.
Abstract: We are performing a systematic study of the properties of early-type galaxies in the mid infrared spectral region with the Spitzer Space Telescope. We present here high S/N Spitzer IRS spectra of 17 Virgo early-type galaxies. Thirteen objects of the sample (76%) show a pronounced broad feature (above 10μm) which is spatially extended and likely of stellar origin. We argue that this feature is (mostly) due to silicate emission from circumstellar envelopes of asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars. The remaining 4 objects, namely NGC 4486, NGC 4636, NGC 4550 and NGC 4435, are characterized by different levels and type of activity.
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