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Paper: Interstellar Medium, Dust and Extinction
Volume: 374, From Stars to Galaxies: Building the Pieces to Build Up the Universe
Page: 325
Authors: Barbaro, G.; Mazzei, P.
Abstract: Anomalous extinction curves still exist in our own Galaxy. In this paper we aim at analysing the behavior of some extinction curves in order to shed light into both the properties of the dust and the physical properties of their environments. We extended the analysis of Barbaro et al. (2001) by adding the infrared data from 2MASS catalog. 84 lines of sight (i.e. ≃ 11%) have been selected which deviate at 2σ level from the extinction law corresponding to the best-fit “normal” RV value. 32% of such a sub-sample shows deviations larger than 3σ level. The results derived from extinction models are discussed.
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