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Paper: Old Main-Sequence Turnoff Photometry of Isolated Local Group Dwarf Galaxies: First Results of the LCID Project
Volume: 374, From Stars to Galaxies: Building the Pieces to Build Up the Universe
Page: 253
Authors: Gallart, C.; Monelli, M.; Dolphin, A.; Bernard, E.; Drozdovsky, I.; Aparicio, A.; Cassisi, S.
Abstract: We present the project Local Cosmology from Isolated Dwarfs (LCID), aimed at deriving detailed star-formation histories for a sample of Local Group isolated dwarf galaxies. To accomplish this goal we have collected, using the ACS on board the HST, color-magnitude diagrams reaching the oldest main sequence turnoff (V ≃ 29) with good photometric accuracy. Some preliminary results from the color-magnitude diagrams, and the populations of variable stars are shown and briefly discussed.
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