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Paper: BoF Summary: Astronomical Data Processing and VO
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 681
Authors: Tody, D.; Grosbel, P.
Abstract: The existing, general purpose astronomical data processing and analysis systems (AIPS, IRAF, Starlink, MIDAS, etc.) are now all older systems for which support has been significantly reduced or eliminated in recent years. At the same time, astronomy is changing, becoming much more data intensive, with instruments often producing much larger datasets than in the past, and with a single research program often requiring analysis of data from multiple observatories in multiple wavelength regimes. The Virtual Observatory (VO) addresses part of this problem, but has little to do with the actual processing of data from individual observatories. The OPTICON Network 3.6 and the US NVO have begun an effort to define a common framework for observatory data processing and analysis, including integration with the VO. This year’s BoF session was convened to review progress on this project in the past year, with a focus on technology evaluation and related prototypes, and to discuss plans for expanded prototyping efforts in the year to come.
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