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Paper: Astronomical Visualization for Education
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 637
Authors: Christian, C.A.; Conti, A.
Abstract: A plethora of diverse resources for astronomical research awaits scientists at their fingertips. Over the last 10 years many efforts have focused on enhancing education and engaging the public in science using such astronomical data. Most of the materials created are centered on small data sets culled by scientists and developers. With the emergence of large data sets such as those available through the NVO, the SDSS, the DSS, WMAP, GOODS, and others as well as the promise of observatories such as the LSST, development of education activities utilizing such vast data stores has exciting potential. This kind of education has never been done beforeóoffering Astronomy an opportunity to be a pathfinder for other sciences. In this paper, we remark upon visualization of large data sets and and best practices for integrating them into educational experiences.
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