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Paper: The NOAO End-to-End Data Management System: An Overview
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 615
Authors: Smith, R.C.; Dickinson, M.; Lowry, S.; Miller, C.J.; Trueblood, M.; Valdes, F.; the NOAO/DPP Team
Abstract: The NOAO Data Management System combines components across the full extent of the flow of data and information from telescope to Virtual Observatory (VO) user. The objective is to deploy and operate an endto- end (E2E) system that integrates the capture of raw data from a wide variety of instruments on multiple telescopes on three different mountain tops, the transport of that data to multiple geographically distributed archive sites, the automated processing for subsets of the data, and the delivery to users through an advanced VO portal. Parts of this system are already in use, serving four observatories (CTIO, KPNO, SOAR, and WIYN). We have designed the system to be flexible and configurable enough to serve other ground-based observatories in the future. This paper provides an overview of the E2E data management system, together with an introduction to the individual components.
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