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Paper: VODA
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 599
Authors: Lindroos, J.; Jaervelaeinen, P.; Hook, R.; Ullgren, M.
Abstract: We have developed a prototype general purpose VO application called VODA using standard IVOA protocols and the Astro Runtime (AR) facade for access to external VO resources. VODA allows browsing and resource discovery in the VO and the management of a Virtual Directory of data references. The Virtual Directory forms a local, presistent personal view of the VO where referenced data sets may be downloaded or directly passed to visualisation tools such as Aladin, fv or DS9. We are currently experimenting with the use of PLASTIC as a general purpose connection between VODA and VO tools. VODA also allows client-side applications to access VO resources via the Virtual Directory. We will describe the motivation and implementation experiences as well as giving some simple examples of VODA in action.
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