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Paper: Integration of Theoretical Data in the Virtual Observatory
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 587
Authors: Smareglia, R.; Manzato, P.; Gheller, C.; Becciani, U.; Manna, V.; Marseglia, L.; Pasian, F.; Taffoni, G.
Abstract: The Italian Theoretical Virtual Observatory (ITVO) is an ongoing project with the goal of creating a distributed archive of data coming from numerical simulations. It is fully involved in the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) standardization process to meet the requirements of theoretical (or simulated) data. The data archive presently consists of the outcome of a set of high end cosmological simulations run with the two popular codes GADGET- 2 and Enzo. With respect to the classical way of managing observational data, the ITVO archive introduces the new concept of an evolutional structure. The architecture of the archive is characterized by a core in which the metadata are managed. Then, various interconnected layers can be identified to insert both data and metadata from post-processing procedures which extract information from raw data. These results can be either pre-calculated or generated on the fly at user request. This can be done by exploiting computational systems improving the quality of the information that the ITVO returns to the user. One of the goals of this work is to provide a fully functional interaction with theoretical data within the Virtual Observatory.
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