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Paper: Astro Runtime: An API to the Virtual Observatory
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 571
Authors: Winstanley, N.; Taylor, J.D.; Taylor, M.B.; Noddle, K.; Gonzalez-Solares, E.; Lindroos, J.
Abstract: The infrastructure of the virtual observatory (VO) is becoming complex. The technology is challenging to master and time-consuming to stay abreast of. This may delay the adoption of VO infrastructure and services by scientists or application developers. We present a method to programatically access the VO while remaining isolated from much of the detail through using Astro Runtime (AR). AR provides a facade API to the VO that can be accessed from applications or scripts written in almost any language, on any platform. This paper describes the AR, shows example code that calls it, and lists how it is currently being used by various astronomy applications.
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