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Paper: VOSpace: a Prototype for Grid 2.0
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 567
Authors: Graham, M.J.; Morris, D.; Rixon, G.
Abstract: As Grid 1.0 was characterized by distributed computation, so Grid 2.0 will be characterized by distributed data and the infrastructure needed to support and exploit it: the emerging success of Amazon S3 is already testimony to this. VOSpace is the IVOA interface standard for accessing distributed data. Although the base definition (VOSpace 1.0) only relates to flat, unconnected data stores, subsequent versions will add additional layers of functionality. In this paper, we consider how incorporating popular web concepts such as folksonomies (tagging), social networking, and data-spaces could lead to a much richer data environment than provided by a traditional collection of networked data stores.
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