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Paper: On the Migration of the Gemini IRAF Package to the STScI PyRAF Environment
Volume: 376, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI
Page: 539
Authors: Labrie, K.; Jedrzejewski, R.; Gemini/STScI PyRAF Collaboration Team
Abstract: Prompted by the growing need for real-time data quality assessment and for the delivery of pipeline-processed science data products, Gemini Observatory has elected to migrate its data reduction software to the Space Telescope Science Institute’s (STScI) PyRAF environment. The PyRAF solution offers Gemini a migration path where the current IRAF command language (CL) tasks are re-used and can be gradually replaced with Python routines based on needs and resources, while allowing the new software projects to be developed in Python. Gemini Observatory and the STScI have embarked in a joint project to ensure the success of this migration. Here we discuss updates to PyRAF to support the current CL-based gemini package as well as the nature of the changes to the gemini tasks necessary to run under PyRAF. We also describe the migration procedures established to verify that the PyRAF outputs are scientifically equivalent to the CL outputs. The cornerstone of those migration procedures is the use of the existing STScI regression test framework to test the gemini tasks.
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